Seasonal Charters

Catch What's Biting!

We have plenty of migrational fish that come and go throughout the year. Tripletail, cobia, sharks and many more. 

Carrabelle, Florida is a fisherman’s paradise. The Gulf of Mexico provides ample opportunity to catch a variety of seasonally available fish, including tripletail, cobia, and mackerel. Tripletail are found in the waters around Carrabelle from May through September. They are a popular game fish due to their tasty flesh and fight when hooked. 

Cobia can be caught year-round, but are most prevalent from March to June. These hard-fighting fish put up a good fight when hooked, making them a favorite among anglers. 

Mackerel are found in the waters around Carrabelle during spring and summer months. These fast-swimming fish are excellent table fare and provide an exciting challenge for anglers of all levels of experience. No matter what time of year it is, there’s always something biting in Carrabelle, Florida!

When planning a visit, call us to talk about what special opportunities may be available during your time here. 

We love taking people out to fish and catch a “bucket list” fish!